The Cobra Libre – Better than Sex?

The Cobra Libre is the world’s first vibrator for men, with thousands of men world-wide already proclaiming it as the greatest male sex toy ever.  Some even believe the Cobra Libre to be better than real sex.  Is this true?

  • The Cobra Libre is certainly cheaper than sex.  Real sex is never free, but after the initial purchase, you can let the Cobra tease and vibrate your penis as often as you want, whenever you want.
  • The Cobra Libre will generate sensations in your penis that no real vagina (or tongue) can.  You can only believe the incredibly erotic and sensuous feelings that you will have using the toy by buying it and using it yourself.
  • The Cobra Libre is easy to clean, always ready for action (just click and recharge after an extended session), and requires no committment afterwards.  And it will never get jealous even if it catches you having the odd masturbation session with a Fleshlight now and again.

What Does Using the Cobra Libre Feel Like?

Using the Cobra Libre is unlike any other male sex toy I’ve used before.  It’s not a stroker, which you fuck, like a Fleshlight.  It really is  a true vibrator for men.  The difference between the Cobra Libre and a stroker or pocket pussy like the Fleshlight can be compared to the difference for women between a dildo and a clit vibrator.  But how to describe the sensation for your penis when you are using the Cobra Libre?

The best description of how the Cobra Libre feels is as a kind of mastubatory version of having a long, luxurious bath.  You will savour every moment of using your Cobra Libre.  The object of this toy is not simply to quickly relieve your sexual urges – if you want something to quickly pump and dump, just buy a Fleshlight or a cheap male stroker.  The Cobra Libre provides a deluxe masturbation experience that you will wish to go on forever.  It’s like hooking your penis up to a pleasure machine.  The Cobra Libre will take you to heights of sensual bliss you never thought possible.

Cleaning the Cobra Libre

The Cobra Libre is very easy to clean, one of the easiest sex toys to clean we have used.  The exterior of the toy is fully waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting the internal motors wet.  Because the ‘sleeve’ is not for thrusting into, it’s not particularly long and the easiest way to clean after use is simply to wipe it with an anti-bacterial cloth.  Failing that, you could simply use a damp cloth, preferably with anti-bacterial spray.

About the Cobra Libre

What does the name Cobra Libre mean?

The name Cobra Libre is spanish and literally means ‘free snake’.  This name could signify the fact that the sex toy represents such a huge advance forward that, literally, the male penis has been liberated!  With the Cobra Libre, your penis is happy.  No need for women, no need for heartache.  The Cobra Libre sets your penis free!

What is so special about the Cobra Libre Sex Toy?

 The Cobra Libre is genuinely like no other male masturbator before it.  It is the world’s first vibrator for men.  It doesn’t stroke, or suck, it just vibrates and stimulates the penis head in the most exquisate way imaginable.

What powers the Cobra Libre?

The powerful and intense vibrations of the Cobra Libre masturbator are generated by two superbly desinged internal engines.

Who makes the Cobra Libre?

The Cobra Libre has been invented by the legendary German sex toy manufacturers ‘Fun Factory’.

How popular is the Cobra Libre Sex Toy?

It is fair to say that the Cobra Libre is one of the most exciting and talked about male sex toys for years.  Fitting for a radically new kind of masturbator that could revolutionise the male sex toy world.

Where should I buy the Cobra Libre?

If you are from America or outside of Europe, we recommend BabeLand, the no.1 online sex toy shop, who sell the Cobra Libre for just $139.  If you are from the UK or Europe you can purchase the Cobra Libre online at either LoveHoney or, of course, at the homepage of its makers Fun Factory.

Cobra Libre Review

The Cobra Libre ($139)

Cobra Libre

The Cobra Libre is the most revolutionary and talked about sex toy for men in years.  It’s not a simple masturbation sleeve, nor is it an ‘automatic stroker’.  The Cobra Libre is the world’s first vibrator for men.  An amazingly designed sex toy that uses powerful internal engines that will make your penis go from 0 – 80 within seconds!

What does it feel like to have your penis inside the Cobra Libre?  The sensation is incredible, but a little hard to describe (given that it’s like no other sensation on Earth).  As soon as you switch the Cobra on, it’s as though your penis is suddenly lit up with some intense sexual charge.  It’s a bit like that brief, but exquisite  feeling you get when you’re very close to orgasm.  Except with the Cobra Libre, you can have it at the press of a button.  And what’s most amazing, this indescribable feeling can go on for minutes.  In fact, to some extent, it even seems to last after you have finished using the Cobra Libre – even AFTER you have cum!!!

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Order Cobra Libre from LoveHoney UK

cobra libreCobra Libre

The Cobra Libre is one of the most highly rated sex toys for men in the world.  Unfortunately, it seems increasingly difficult to get hold of in the USA.

But not to worry – Lovehoney in the UK are one of the largest online sellers of sex toys in the world and they still have some left in stock.  They ship worldwide with very low rates for the USA.

We’re not sure if the makers of the Cobra Libre have discontinued the toy, so this could be your very last chance to buy it.

Buy the Cobra Libre

The Cobra Libre is already the most desired male sex toy in the world.  Few places sell it, and those that do sell out very quickly.  The online store that consistantly stocks the Cobra Libre, and at the lowest price, is SexToyFun – one of the world’s leading sellers of sex toys online. Their website is very easy to navigate, as well as being the most informative sex toy site that I have seen.  Your Cobra Libre order will usually be shipped within 24 hours and reach you anywhere in the USA in a couple of days. SexToyFun have an excellent and trustworthy returns policy in the unlikely event that there is something faulty with your Cobra Libre.

The Cobra Libre is available to buy now for just $139

Cobra Libre On Sale at SexToyFun

cobra-libre-sextoyfunCobra Libre Sex Toy Fun ($139)

The world’s first and most famous vibrator for men is on sale at SexToyFun, one of the leading online retailers of sex toys, both for men and women.

The Cobra  Libre has become the most talked about and highly regarded male sex toy since the FleshLight.  It promises to revolutionise the male sex toy industry, with its unique design and functionality.

The Cobra Libre is like no other sex toy for men.  If you only try one new male sex toy then make sure it is the Cobra Libre!